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Postby shannah » Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:36 pm

Dataface 0.6 will be a major release for Dataface. Development has not yet begun, but several ideas have been thrown around. The major goal of this release is to improve usability.

Feature Additions:
- Admin control panel to configure the application through the web. (i.e., everything that is currently done in INI files will now be modifiable through the web.

- Surrogate Views. A View is just like a table except that its records are the result of an SQL query. Dataface will allow records to be added/deleted from Views if desired also to try to make differences between Views and Tables transparent to the user.

- Details mode will have 2 sub-modes: View and Edit. View will be the details view of the record, and edit will allow users to edit the record. View mode will be customizable using smarty templates - and editable through the web.

- Changes to the skins system to allow themes and custom skins more easily.
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