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Postby scavvy » Tue Jun 19, 2007 2:18 pm

hello everyone, i have bugged mr steve hannah by personal email a few times and although he has been more than helpful, for which i aam truely greatful, thannk you.
i am still completely useless at this database thing..

i am looking to make a site like i can make a site that looks like gumtree (visually) but have no cue how to implement the place an add system, where users enter detail and it is uploaded to relevant place on site viewable by other users asap..

i have read posts but for some reason i am a complete spaz and just can notr do it..

i only want my site to have a freebies section and a wanted section, that sit..

i am not sure what i expect from people reading this.. my aim should i manage to figure it out either on my own or with help, is to make my web site not forum based and try to get the gumtree system added..

this is a free site i make no money and is simply a site where people can recycle their old items to others for free... is 100% non profit..

please take a look at the site and let me know how i might go about doing this please.

sorry to waffle on but this is something i realy want to achieve for as little money as possible (as i have none lol)

thanks to everyone who reads this joe
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