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Postby Aoirthoir » Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:30 pm

First, the tests I am running are out of XAMPP on a windows machine. (No chuckles)...

I can run the tests off of my providers server who is on Debian. So I might try that later. But I think I will run into the same situation.

Here it is. I can display 1000 records in the list with no difficulty. I decided to go crazy and see how many I could display. So I tried 10,000. Of course that gives me a php timeout. Gradually reducing the number down I came up with 3000 records as a limit. This has an Execution Time: 48.5160601139 (to quote Dataface.) So I could probably push it to 3200 or so. Then of course is the Javascript delay as it tries to format the webpage.

If I run into a timeout, I do not get my CSS displayed. This kind of makes sense to me.

Now this is by no means an issue. Just some experimenting I was doing. I realize somewhere in my PHP settings I would have to change the script timeout to allow longer running scripts if I absolutely wanted to see 35,000 records. Execution time >480 seconds I would assume, or 8 minutes. Though if I wanted a printout of all the people who did not owe me money or something, maybe I would have to do more than 3000 records. (Or just set it as high as possible, then print, then click the next link...)

I do find it immensely amusing to see a page with thousands of records on it.
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