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Postby Aoirthoir » Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:21 am

Based on a recommendation of Mr. Steve in another post I attempted a soft link to dataface using this method:

ln -s /myhomedir/libraries/dataface_version /myhomedir/mydomain/dataface

This is set up as a script using $1 $2 to replace dataface_version and dataface with whatever names I wish. So it gets run whenever I wish to update my dataface version.

What it does is create a link from each of my domain folders to a single copy of Dataface. This way I do not have to maintain multiple copies. And I have only one place to update all of my domains. Also it saves disc space.

Sorry this method wont work on Windows. But it should work on any linux, unix, bsd or Mac based systems (OSX at least).

I realize this isnt new information for many of yall..but for a handful it is. It was to me, since Ive not been working in Linux long enough to know all of this stuff.

Now what I am wondering is, if there is some way we could accomplish similar things with our apps. So for instance LCMS will be used on every one of my domains. There is only one file I should have to change, conf.ini in most cases. My project manager will be used on most of my systems, and it only requires a change in conf.ini in order to be usable by different people.

Now I tried setting up a soft link to these and of course it works fine. So then I tried to set up a soft link to replace just the one file. So consider I have lcms stored in /myhome/apps/LCMS-0.1 and thus my soft link is:

ln -s /myhomedir/apps/LCMS-0.1 /mydomain/lcms

Which then makes it accessible by going to (this eliminates the ability Ive been working on to make it manage the entire website from the root but this is just set for experimentation purposes for now....

So then I tried to set up this soft link:

ln -s /myhomdir/mydomain/dfapps/lcms_conf.ini /myhomdir/mydomain/lcms/conf.ini

Well naturally it works, but only once. Because what it does is put the soft link into the lcms directory which is a soft link to /myhomedir/apps/LCMS-0.1 .

So I removed the symbolic links and started over. This time attempting to put a link directly to the conf.ini first then I would create the link to the LCMS directory. But since no lcms directory exists, it wont let me create a link to /myhome/mydomain/lcms/conf.ini.

So this may have to be scrapped unless I figure something else out.

Nevertheless I should now easily be able to have a global fields.ini simply by storing that in a single place as I am doing and putting links all over the place to it.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you kindly.
Best Regards.
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