install problem - dataface_info.php doesn't give results

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install problem - dataface_info.php doesn't give results

Postby stevie » Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:24 am

I just installed Dataface 0.7.1 and looked at the dataface_info.php page as per the directions. It showed a page, but didn't show the actual results, just blank fields.

I looked in this forum and found and then realized the problem was that in my php.ini file "short_open_tag" was set to "OFF". As soon as I changed it to "ON" then my dataface_info.php page showed that the install was ok.

Some questions:

    It seems like short_open_tag = OFF is the default (and preferred) setting for PHP - why don't the scripts in Dataface use the form instead of just ? If I understand correctly, this would be compatible with both settings for short_open_tag?

    I have other PHP scripts on my server, and also ASP scripts. Am I likely to see any side-effects on other scripts, or security issues, by changing the short_open_tag setting on my php.ini file?

    Would you consider adding a note about this issue to the installation instructions on ?

Thanks very much for your open-source software, I'm looking forward to using it. -Steve
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