Anyone using this yet?

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Postby stampcommune » Sun May 20, 2007 11:47 am

Hi all,

Just came across the website. Good design.

Anyone using the Web Auction yet? If you are can I see it?

Developers- Is this a long term or short term project?

Very interested in this!


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Postby shannah » Mon May 21, 2007 2:47 pm

Hi Grant,

Thanks for posting in the forum.Ê It's difficult to know how many people are using the software so it's nice to see some feedback on it.Ê Web Auction was designed for the annual plant sale auction here at Simon Fraser University because we couldn't find anything else that suited our requirements.Ê I also treated it as an opportunity to demonstrate how easy it is to develop applications like this using Dataface (the auction application was developed in about 8 hours.ÊÊ Feedback from the plant sale auction administrators was positive and they will likely be using it again next year.Ê The plantsale auction site is located at:
But i'm not sure how much longer it will be up for... all of the auctions are closed now so you won't be able to bid on anything, but you can get an idea.
As for whether this is long term or short term.Ê The Dataface framework is a long-term project.Ê It started about 2 years ago, was released open source 14 months ago, and continues to be developed.
The web auction software will continue to improve as Dataface improves - and I expect to see the software developed further as we (at SFU) require more auction features.Ê As new versions of dataface are released, you will be able to just replace the dataface folder, and the web auction will be updated automatically.
I also set up a demo site at so you can play around with it, see the admin section, see the source code, etc..
I will also be posting some better documentation as I find time.Ê Your questions and comments are welcome in the forum.Ê With Dataface I have found the forum to be a great place for users to share tips and tricks and receive support.
Best regards
Steve Hannah
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