Auctions never close unless someone is using the site. CRON?

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Auctions never close unless someone is using the site. CRON?

Postby kunk » Fri May 30, 2008 10:07 pm

I've installed webauction on one of my Ubuntu linux boxes. From what I'm seeing, an auction will never close unless someone is actively browsing the auction site. I tested this by creating a test auction that closed at 10am that morning and placed a bid on it around 9:30am. As of 1pm I still hadn't gotten any email stating I had won the auction. As soon as pulled up the auction website in my web browser at about 1:30pm I finally got the email stating I had won the auction.
My question is, how do I close out auctions and notify the winners if no one is actively browsing my webauction website? I tried manually running index.php from the command line by doing:
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php index.php

Which seemed to work since I got an email stating I had won the auction as soon as I ran index.php BUT the email had a broken link in it like so:
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You are the winner of the product 'Test Product'.  Your bid was $3.00 .
For more information about this product visit ://:./index.php?-action=view&-table=products&product_id=%3D8 .

I'm guessing since I ran index.php from the command line, it wasn't able to get the URL.
I'd like to setup a CRON job that runs index.php once every min so that the auction will email the winner at the exact time the auction closes even if no one is browsing the auction site. How can I do that and still have the correct URL in the winning email?
I'm surprised that no one else has asked about this yet.
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Postby shannah » Fri May 30, 2008 10:49 pm

Try using wget in your cron job instead.

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