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Support for auction hosted on your server

Postby MafiaWarsAuctions » Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:37 pm

Hello Steve,

<b>Here is the problem:</b> I am hosting auctions on your server. One of the users who registered is having a problem. Here is what he told us:

<i>"Whenever I try to bid on an item, the 25 TNT is what I want, it just has me relogin. I never do show any option to bid on an item. What is wrong? I login correctly and once I click on an item I want to bid on it just says "Login to bid on this item" on the bottom. I do that and login correctly and the same thing happens. I never get any option to actually bid on an item. I know I login correctly because when I change the info it gives me a error but when I enter the correct login info it goes on without an error message. Something is not right."</i>

Please help me with this so I can get him to take part in our auctions too. I see him as a member under 'Users' tab.

<b>Here are two suggestions for the app:</b>

<b>Suggestion 1:</b>
I have noticed that there is no 'Forgot password' option for the users. I suggest including that option at least in the next build.

<b>Suggestion 2:</b>
I would also like you to include a 'Max. bid increment' option or an option to lock the 'Bid increment' and forcing it on all future bids. This will prevent spammers who just try to spoil the auction, may be out of jealousy or envy or just being jobless. I noticed quite a few spammers on my auction listings. It is tedious to delete all their bids one by one and warn them. It would make it hard for them to spam if they were forced to make only a fixed bid increment at once.
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Postby shannah » Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:04 pm

Thanks for the suggestions. As for solving this issue, can you provide me with the following information?

1. The URL of your auction site.
2. The browser and OS that this user is using.
3. This user's username.

If you like you can send these via email

Best regards

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