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Change currency symbol in the personal bids list - SOLVED

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:31 am
by leeue
I changed allready the '$' sign to '€' sign in a couple of places (products.php), but also like to change it in the 'high bid' column in the users personal bid section.
Does anybody know where to fix this?

Thanks again.


I really looked for many many hours in the complete directory structure (and dB), over and over again, but can not find this one....very frustrating. Can somebody point me in the right direction please? I would appreciate.

=== UPDATE ===

I spend for almost 3 days now looking for the 'missing '$' -> '€' possibility'. With a 'number_format' query on the files/directory structure I found 6 locations in 4 files:


I checked and modified the files directly on the server by plesk, to ensure the correct code (€ or $euro;), but the 4th column (high bid) in the watchlist still shows the bid amount with the $ sign in front. I am very confused, and ran out of my options, ideas, etc.
I was looking forward to use this app, and I'm very curious how people will react/respond when I can use it in a live situation, because I think I really like this app! But this final, tiny, problem keeps me away from running it. Pffffffffff.........I hope someone has the answer/solution.

Thanks in advance


Finally found one more location to change:


So instead of the mentioned 2 or 3 locations, there are 7 in total to change currency symbol cross the application.
Maybe helpfull for future use.

Kind regards,