Upgrading Webauctions to Xataface 1.2.5

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Upgrading Webauctions to Xataface 1.2.5

Postby agent314 » Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:59 pm

Hi Steve,

I found this app looking for a basic way to hold auctions for our church. I installed Webauctions as is, set it up and ran it... looks ok and I think it will do what I want for now.

I did see that there's a much newer Xataface, although I've not had time yet to really explore using it as an app tool but after I set up Webauction and entered some cats and an item... I saw the reCaptcha post and decided to go ahead and upgrade to the latest Xataface (uploading the contents to the "dataface" directory in Webauction). I did notice a few differences but most prominently ... one could not register... error in PermissionTools.php (line 172).

Having to get something up quickly, I decided to copy the old "dataface" directory back... and then the site didn't work. So I just reinstalled the whole thing and am starting over... But...

It looks like not a lot of activity on this app lately so I would like your best advise on using Webauctions going forward and upgrading to the latest Xataface...

Thanks so much,

Jeff Brown
Huntington Beach CA USA
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Re: Upgrading Webauctions to Xataface 1.2.5

Postby shannah » Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:36 am

Not sure why you got the permissions tool error. Probably best to just stick with default install unless you are prepared to do a bit of mucking around.
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