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Cook Book

  • Customizing Theme Based on IP Address - An article on storing IP addresses in the database and showing users a different theme depending on which range of IP addresses they are connecting from.

By Topic


  • Xataface Installation Instructions - This document explains how to install Xataface on your system. It does not describe how to create an application with Xataface.
  • Creating your first App - How to create an application using Xataface (from the Getting Started Tutorial)
  • About Xataface - Quick overview of Xataface. Includes a 6 step example of creating an application with Xataface.



User Interface Customization

Using the API



  • Using Query Caching - Query caching can drastically improve performance of busy applications with large databases. This article explains how to enable this caching in your Xataface application.
  • _output_cache - Xataface does quite a bit of heavy lifting on each page request. If your application is getting a lot of traffic that is slowing your server down, you may want to look at enabling the Xataface output cache.


  • modules - Available Xataface Modules. This includes such things as CAPTCHA validation, editable javascript grids, and more.
  • Module Developers Guide - A guide / Tutorial on how to develop your own Xataface modules.





  • Import Filters - It is common to need to import records en masse into a database. This is what import filters are for. (Since 0.7).


  • Actions I: The Basics - Web Lite's actions framework allows you to customize existing actions (e.g. new, edit, find) and create your own new actions. (From the Getting Started Tutorial).
  • Adding triggers to actions - Xataface 0.6.1 adds some triggers to actions so that the developer can define custom functionality to be performed after an action has successfullly taken place.
  • Calendar Action - Using the built-in calendar action to add a full-fledged event calendar to your application.
  • Creating a Dashboard - Create a dashboard action for your users to so that they have a logical starting point in your application.
  • Selected Records Actions - Create custom actions that are performed on records that have been selected in the list tab.
  • Creating Printable Reports - Create a custom printable report using a custom action.
  • Using RecordGrid - Using Dataface_RecordGrid to print data in tabular form.


RSS Feeds

  • Introduction to RSS Feeds in Xataface - Xataface provides RSS feeds to any found set in your application. This tutorial shows how it works and how you can configure these feeds to get your desired results.

Event Calendar

  • Calendar Action - Introduction to the Xataface calendar action which can be used to convert your application into a full-fledged event calendar.
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